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The Edge is poised to blow away consumers by its comfort and performance.
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Zero Turn
  • Quiet
  • No oily mess
  • No gas fumes

American Power Products™ understands that one size or shape does not fit all. The Edge comes equipped with an adjustable seat and foot rests to provide a comfortable experience for you. The traditional zero turn controls blend proven maneuverability with smart electronic throttles to provide more control than ever before.

The Edge also introduces exciting new features including a digital control panel, LED headlights, auto-adaptive cruise control, and Turftraction Wheels which provide extreme traction and the smoothest of rides. The Ultraquiet™ Drive Motors enable true zero-turn performance and precise maneuvering in near silence. The cutting-edge Autosense™ Blade Controllers adjust automatically to the environment, providing additional power for when you need it or conserving battery power during easier jobs, ensuring a perfect cut with no wasted energy.

The Edge offers groundbreaking features including:
  • Clean and green drive system
  • Ergonomic and adjustable controls
  • Digital display
  • Auto-adaptive cruise control
  • Ultra quiet motors
  • Autosense controls that adjust power as needed

And since it’s electric, the Edge will prove more cost-effective than traditional mowers. With no belts or filters to replace and no fuel to supply, you will see the immediate benefit in a reduced cost of ownership.

With its clean and flexible design, unequivocal convenience, and ultimate performance, the Edge is the last lawn mower you will ever want to own.

About 5% of air pollution in the United States can be attributed to gas-powered mowers. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates Americans use around 800 million gallons of gasoline each year just to power their gas lawn mowers. Using one gas mower for an hour produces the same emissions and air pollutants as roughly 11 cars in the same amount of time.

The Edge utilizes lithium battery power technology, eliminating air emissions as well as excess noise. Never again will you have to worry about gas spills, which wastes over 17 million gallons of fuel each year, or smelly fumes that penetrate your clothing and storage areas long after your finished with your yard maintenance.

With its all-electric design, the Edge works smarter–not harder–for you, maximizing cutting time and minimizing recharge time.

Cutting Width 42 Inches
Cutting Options Bag, Mulch, Side-Discharge
Deck Type Stamped 12 Gauge Steel
Number of Blades 2
Run Time 1.5 Hours
Cutting Capacity 3 Acres
Recharge Time 5 Hours
Min. Cutting Height 1.5 Inches
Max. Cutting Height 4.0 Inches
Max. Forward Speed 8 MPH
Max. Reverse Speed 5 MPH

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    Comment from Max who tested the product for us in December: Outstanding product. Would recommend!

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