Introducing the Edge All-Electric Zero Turn by American Power ProductsTM
Three Edge zero turn riders
The Future of Outdoor Product Innovation Is Here

American Power ProductsTM unveils the Edge all electric zero turn lawnmower, the pinnacle of outdoor product innovation. The Edge, a lithium-powered zero turn, offers the utmost in comfort, flexibility,and performance. American Power ProductsTM CEO, Roger Leon, invites users to “experience the possible” by changing how you interact with your outdoor space, transforming a necessary chore into a fun and effortless experience.

The Edge introduces revolutionary solutions that will change the market of mowing equipment. With its fully intuitive design, the Edge works for the user to make yard maintenance clean and simple.

The Edge offers groundbreaking features including:
  • Clean and green drive system
  • Ergonomic and adjustable controls
  • Digital control panel
  • Auto-adaptive cruise control
  • Ultra quiet motors
  • Autosense controls that adjust power as needed

Users will conserve both time and energy with these leaps in product innovation. By setting a new industry standard, consumers will come to expect more from their outdoor mowing equipment.

Environmental Impact 
  • Quiet
  • No oily mess
  • No gas fumes

About 5% of air pollution in the United States can be attributed to gas-powered mowers. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates Americans use around 800 million gallons of gasoline each year just to power gas lawn mowers. Using one gas mower for an hour produces the same emissions and air pollutants as roughly 11 cars in the same amount of time.

The Edge utilizes lithium battery power technology,eliminating air emissions as well as excess noise. Never again will users have to worry about gas spills, which wastes over 17 million gallons of fuel each year, or smelly fumes that penetrate clothing and storage areas long after the yard maintenance is complete. With its all-electric design, the Edge works smarter–not harder–for the consumer, maximizing cutting time and minimizing recharge time.

Performance and Convenience
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Zero Turn

Since it’s electric, the Edge will prove more cost-effective than traditional mowers. With no belts or filters to replace and no fuel to supply, users will see the immediate benefit in a reduced cost of ownership.

With its clean and flexible design, unequivocal convenience,and ultimate performance, the Edge is the last lawn mower you will ever want to own.


The Edge all-electric zero turn is anticipated to launch Spring 2019.

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